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Landscape Material Coverage Chart

One Ton of Rock Will Cover:
200 sq feet 1" deep
100 sq feet 2" deep
50 sq feet 4" deep
25 sq feet 6" deep
15 sq feet 8" deep
Above approx for rocks up to 1 1/2" and sand, soils that are weighed.

One Cubic Yard Will Cover 300 square feet 1" deep
150 square feet 2" deep
100 square feet 3" deep
75 4" deep
50 6" deep
25 12" deep
Above approx for soil mixes that are sold by the cubic yard.

Rip Rap = 60 sq. ft. per ton at 3" depth
2″-4″ rock coverage = 65 sq. ft. per ton
5″-12″ rock coverage = 45 sq.ft. per ton
8″ wall rock coverage = 20 sq. ft. per ton
All above are approx. only.

All natural stone materials will have variations in color and consistency over time. The customer is responsible for determining if the current products in stock meet their expectations. Customers should view our current inventory of landscape materials to insure their satisfaction with the materials